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Here you can find my general thoughts and ideas that I can't share on Twitter or Reddit. Enjoy your stay :)

Quick test to see if I fixed my blog :P

Published on 10/22/19 at 00:26 EST by Max Bridgland

How yall doin?......

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Quick iOS Jailbreak Security Tips

Published on 10/21/19 at 21:13 EST by Max Bridgland

If you are using ssh on a jailbroken device you should be using sshkeys to authenticate! Especially as a developer. Not ......

#security#ios#malware prevention
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Testing Out Tags!

Published on 09/20/19 at 10:15 EST by Max Bridgland

I've just implemented tags to my blog posts!

These tags work by displaying a hashtag at the bottom of a blog post whi......

#update#tags#new features
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I've added comments!

Published on 09/20/19 at 00:02 EST by Max Bridgland

You can now add comments to my blog posts!

Go ahead... try it out!

There is a filter of course and ReCaptcha so do......

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Just How Easy Migrations Are With Redis

Published on 09/19/19 at 22:25 EST by Max Bridgland

I came to a conclusion that the home page of this blog had posts that were much too long. I needed to change it so that ......

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Creating a Basic REST API with Falcon and MongoDB

Published on 09/19/19 at 10:36 EST by Max Bridgland


Recently I started working with t......

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Sending Text Messages From An E-Mail With Python

Published on 09/19/19 at 01:14 EST by Max Bridgland

This is the method I use for my 2FA to not have to use Twilio or anything else. This is free except for the fact I'm usi......

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Using Redis as a JSON Store in Python

Published on 09/18/19 at 13:49 EST by Max Bridgland

Converting this blog to Redis was extremely easy! I was able to simply convert my existing JSON data into Redis JSON obj......

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Testing New Redis Database!

Published on 09/18/19 at 11:44 EST by Max Bridgland

This post is just a test for my redis database! If you can see this redis is working :)......

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Testing Out New Markdown Functionality!

Published on 09/17/19 at 16:37 EST by Max Bridgland

New Headers!

New Subheaders!!


This is awesome I love it......

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A Short Write Up on Becoming A Programmer

Published on 09/17/19 at 10:57 EST by Max Bridgland

You're interested in learning to code. You've made some friends that know Python, Javascript, maybe some C and C++ and t......

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First Blog Post

Published on 09/17/19 at 01:55 EST by Max Bridgland

Welcome to my blogging site!

Here you can view my random ideas and thoughts every once in a while. I'll eventually op......

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